Kind words

We generally don't elicit feedback from our clients, but every now and then we get spontaneous messages of joy in relation to client's seeing their pics and products, which we really do appreciate and cherish.  A sincere thank you to all of you who go the extra mile and do take the time to thank us and even more, leave us fantastic compliments. This is to honour you :)

Your fabulous feedback!

8 January 2019: Studio Newborn family shoot with the Gobinds

'Hi guys, We have downloaded the photos and they are stunning. Thank you so much to you and Margot for making a disastrous session look so beautiful. Will see you guys soon. Regards, Renira'

26 December 2018: Gabriela's Greek Orthodox Christening

'OMW I actually just cried! THANK YOU SO MUCH! Even more incredible that I imagined! You guys are amazing!' Anna

24 November 2018: Greek ring blessing/Engagement Party

Dear Ashleigh, A big big thank you for capturing our engagement so beautifully. The pictures are beautiful and you didn't miss a single person! Im so excited to share these with our nearest and dearest friends and families. You ladies are incredible! Look forward to working with you again!' Elena

18 November 2018: Jude's First Birthday

'Margot and Ashleigh Rose Photography .. Stunning stunning stunning... Thank you so much for spending the time with us and giving us, our family and friends a gorgeous opportunity to relflect on all the fund we had. The pics are really WOW!!!! Xxxxx' Kim

27 October 2018: Warren's 40th Birthday Party

'Ashleigh and Margot, thank you for capturing these wonderful memories! Thank to you we relive special moments when we go through these photos. Thank you to our memory preservers Ashleigh and Margot' Joana

27 October 2018: Natalie's 7th Birthday Party at Roll Egoli

'Thanks so much Ashleigh & Margot! Love all the pics! Thrilled that we had you to capture all the special memories of the day!' Scruff

Thankd you SO much Ashleigh and Margot for the AWESOME photos. You are both amazing. Such great memories that you recorded so well. Greatly appreciated.' Sue

20 October 2018: Family Studio shoot with the Chetty's

'Yet again I'm left speechless by your amazing work! Tx so much to you and your sister - you guys rock! The passion, the patience, the distraction with toddlers hehe (works every time), those shots of Ezra wow! Absolutely love what you've done. Yet again a very happy customer :) Tx again. Look forward to the next one.' Leanne

16 June 2018: Veer's First Birthday

'Thanks you Ashleigh, your work is amazing.' Reshmee

26 May 2018: Andrea's Greek Orthodox Christening

'Wow these pictures are perfect! Thank you so so much." Donna

12 April 2018: Matthew's 7th Birthday party at Acrobranch

'Thank you Ashleigh for these beautiful photos! It was great having you and Margot capture these wonderful moments for us. As always you guyse are amazing! Xxx' Melissa

24 April 2018: Shayan's little artist shoot for 1st Birthday

'These are GORGEOUS!! Thanks you so much Ash and Margot, we had such a blast!' Sudeshni

25 March 2018: Maia's Greek Orthodox Christening

'As always you both do not disappoint! You have captured every moment of a very special day for our little Maia so beautifully and I'm so grateful to you both. Your talent and love shines through in your images and I couldn't be happier!! Thank you so so much I will cherish them forever!' Vanessa

10 January 2018: Aidan's Nascar-themed 7th Birthday party

'Ashleigh, you always manage to exceed my expectations, and the bar is set extrememly high because of you!! Thank you once again for capturing everything so beautifully! I feel so luck to have these stunning photos, I will treasure them as always <3' Michele

27 January 2018: Sammy and Sofia's Combined Birthday Party

'Thank you so much Ashleigh and Margot for once again capturing a fun filled day beautifully!!! Xxx' Joana

December 2017: Nicolaides' Annual Family Shoot

'And we just love our yearly shoot with you - pics always come out AMAZING!! Thank you Ashleigh.' Leana

10 December 2017: Estella's Peppa Pig 2nd Birthday Party

'Ashleigh and Margot you always outdo yourselves with capturing everything! Thank you.' Claudia

'Thank you, thank you Ashley and Margot! Once again you have captured stunning family memories! Love love!' Joana

10 December 2017: Coumbias Family Christmas Mini Shoot

'Thank you for the amazing photos. We absolutely love them <3' Zoe

28 October 2017: Natalie's Lego Friends Birthday Party

'Awesome photos. Thanks SO much Ashleigh. Your photos are amazing.' Sue

October 2017: Monique's Matric Dance Shoot

'Still can't believe how beautiful these photos came out! All thanks to you Ashleigh.' Monique

September 2017: Ethan's Cake Smash in the Studio

'Thank you Ashleigh, you did an amazing job and we had a ball of a time :D' Levania

31 August 2017: Aryan's Construction-themed Birthday Party

'Awesome.....I am in love with your pics. they are gorgeous. you have captured the essence of Aryan's Party. Can't wait for the book and disc.' Ranisha

August 2017: Promotional shoot at Happily Ever Laughter

'Thank you Ashleigh your work is amazing - couldn't have had anyone better to capture the day x' Stella

13 December 2016: Ezra's studio Cake Smash

'Hi Ashleigh, Forgot to say thanks for d photos. Esp for being so thoughtful in using the Mickey mouse theme on d actual cd holder casing. Too lovely. You're very thoughtful. Anyone would be crazy not to notice your efforts. Tx' Leanne

8 December 2016: Dylan's Birthday Party

'Dearest ashleigh, I cant even begin to thank you for these lovey shots u took. U are so talented and we love how you are always able to somehow capture the emotions in your pics!!! Once again just plain bloody awesome!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!' Donelle

'I agree! You are fantastic and so pleasant to have around! Great job to all involved! It was a fantastic day!!!' Reinette

'Ashleigh your work is refreshing, and such a true reflection of the fun and love on this special day.' Elize

7 December 2016: Gianna's Birthday Party

'Aaaw so beautiful Ashleigh as always!!' Sammi

'As always you worked your magine Ashleigh xxx' Joana

7 December 2016: Alexa's Newborn session

'My word how talented is Ashleigh......stunning' Jo

22 November 2016: Luca's Birthday Party

'Hi Ashleigh and Margot, I just wanted to send a message saying a HUGE thank to you for Luca's wonderful birthday photos and photo book they came out absolutely amazing! Thank you thank you thank you. Look forward to having you take our special photos again next year. Will confirm dates with you. Thank you so much. Warmest regards, Jacqui.'

15 November 2016: Marques Family Shoot

'Thank you Ashleigh Seton-Rogers for another amazing photo shoot!!! You perform magic each and every time xxx' Joana

10 November 2016: Brown Famiy Shoot

'Thank you for such beautiful photos!' Tracy

9 November 2016: Natalie's Birthday Pics

'Thanks so much for the stunning pics. I really love your work. I really enjoy capturing the whole party and appreciate all your attention to details. The pics really mean a lot tome because just after you left, I had a really big scare. I chocked on a small piece of sinewy steak and my friends hit me on the back and my Mom tried the Heimlich manoevre 3 time and it never worked, then my friend's husband tried and fortunately with his strength, it came out. So, it was quite frightening. A big reason to capture as much as one can' Scruff

'Wow! Thanks Ashleigh. Your photos are awesome. Well done and thank you for an amazing job.' Sue

2 November 2016: Pillay studio family shoot

'Morning Ashleigh/Margot. Thanks so much for an awesome afternoon yesterday. It really made up for a terrible day on Wednesday for Viashens birthday. You guys are awesome and really know your way around a kid!!! Regards, Esmeralda'

'Wow Wow! Simpy stunning. Credits are due to you and Margot!' Esmeralda

28 October 2016: 16th Birthday Party for Sahil

'Beautiful and stunning pics Ashleigh. Your are the best' Shiksha

'Thank you so much Aunty Ashleigh and Aunty Margo. No words can describe the absolutely spectacular photographs you'll take out. Yourll are stars. Sahil'

26 October: Arielle's 1 Birthday Party

'Thank you Ashleigh and Margot for these beautiful pictures that perfectly captured the joy in our hearts!!!' Christina

5 September 2016: Soha's First Birthday

'Hi Ashleigh and Margot. We had so much fun shooting with you guys. Urll were amazing. U guys were awesome with Soha. Thank you for all the effort you both put to capture her special day. I can't wait to see the sneek peak on Facebook. Warm Regards Nalene'

26 March 2016: Newborn shoot

'Thank you Ashleigh. Always a pleasure working with the pics!' Seshnum

13 April 2016: Maternity shoot

'Thank you Ashleigh for these gorgeous photos. Such special moments captured beautifully. You really are an artist. Suvan and I thrilled.' Renira

9 May 2016: Ethan's Birthday Party

'Ashleigh, thank you sooo much for these beautiful pics! You truly are in a league of your own! Xxxx' Michele

18 May 2016: Family shoot on location

'Wow Ashleigh, the pics look absolutely stunning. There arew some very good shots of our camera shy boy. Thank you!!' Mbuso

27 June 2016: Mini-studio shoot

'Asheigh and Margot thank you so much for all your hard work on the day. Even though Emma was impossible you got some lovely pictures with her. I'm loving the photos and look forward to the rest.' Kelly

27 June 2016: Newborn studio shoot

'Thank you so much for the gorgeous pictures Ashleigh. Makes me love my baby girl even more. Wasn't sure that was possible.' Renira

4 August 2016: Newborn shoot on location

'Thank you Ashleigh. We love them. Despite the craziness the pics are beautiful. You really have a great way with kids especially a 4 year old that took over.' Punam

19 July 2016: Sebastien's Birthday Party

'Ah wow, these photos are amazing! Thank you soooo much, for capturing another Sebastien birthday.' Denet

14 September 2016: Combined Birthday Party

'Another beautiful shoot by Ashleigh Seton-Rogers and Margot Joanne Seton-Rogers. You ladies never cease to amoaxe me. Thank you for being able to capture these lasting memories.' Nerisha

22 September 2016: 10 year Wedding Anniversary Shoot

'Thank you so much Ash - was such a fun filled afternoon! You ahve a special talent to be able to capture true emotion and create precious memories to last a lifetime!!!' Chantal

24 September 2016: Bridal slumber party in hotel room

'We had the best time. Thank you so so much....we love these pics. Can't wait to see the rest.' Anastasia

3 March 2016: 3-day Hindu wedding

'Awwww Ashleigh Rose Photography I love love love love the pics!!!! As usual you did an absolutely AMAZING job!!! Thank you soo much for capturing these amazing and most special memories.' Shavintha

20 October 2015: Micah's Birthday Party

'Hi Ashleigh. Just wanted to say a big thank you to you and your sister as well. Your genuine enthisiam and eye for details sets you apart from the rest. We are so happy with the sneak peak and cannot wait to see the masterpiece. Will definitely recommend you highly to anyone we can.' Trish