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This was definitely a reception to remember! The entertainment began right from the start, with the bridal party, parents, bride and groom dancing their way into the reception hall to various soundtracks. Each group adopted their own dance style to match the song chosen for them – with hilarious results. For example the kiddies danced in to the well-known ‘Babyshark Song’ while our sister Richelle & Hendri the bride’s brother, danced in to Shaggy’s ‘Who let the dog’s out?’ Much to everyone’s amusement!! A real winner and a great way to have introduced everyone.
The speeches had people riding a roller-coaster of emotions, with very funny stories one moment and the next, heart-warming anecdotes which reduced many to tears, including us of course!
And just when you thought THAT was it, out of nowhere the bridal party, bride, groom and parents all began dancing in a synchronised fashion to the song ‘Skibidi’. It was awesome to watch! The guests jaws literally hung open as they watched everyone perform the movements in time.
All-in-all, it was a beautiful ending to a beautiful wedding. Congrats guys, your wedding day was a roaring success and thank you again for letting us photograph this special occasion.


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