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Please Note: We screen all calls and will only respond to legitimate callers. This is due to the ever increasing influx of automated sales calls and spam callers to our contact details provided on this website. The contact details provided on this website is for use by those in need of our services or related to our line of business. Please ensure your caller ID is activated and your number is on full display, calls coming through as unknown or no caller ID will be treated as spam caller. In the event we are unable to take your call please leave a message with your contact details and we will return your call gladly. Please be advised that even though our details appear on this site it is there for the intended purpose for those in need of our services to contact us and Ashleigh Rose Photography's right to trade legitimately and freely as a company. The fact that it appears in a public space does not give you “unsolicited caller” the permission to abuse that right without our permission. The Protection of Personal Information Act protects us by law and this message serves as a notification that Ashleigh Rose Photography does not wish to receive any communications from spam callers and or mailers or your associated agents. Failure to comply with this request constitutes a criminal offense in terms of section 45 of the ECTA and that the continued receipt of unsolicited communications may lead to prosecution.

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