Hi there, I’m Ashleigh.  I took up photography full time more than 7-years ago, and despite there being more work involved than I ever could have imagined, I am enjoying this phase of my life.  We have met the most wonderful people, experienced the most heartwarming moments and have been to places we would never have ventured if it had not been for this vocation.  When I’m not being commissioned for shoots or busy with editing, I spend time with my two little children and husband.  I’m also an avid reader and movie buff 🙂

My sister Margot accompanies me on shoots and not only is she full of energy and creativity, but she’s a whizz with the kids (she is a teacher which probably helps ;)) and has a knack for putting everyone at ease and capturing those breathtakingly candid shots. She is fully capable of shooting solo when we have to go our seperate ways for events, and helps me with my day-to-day admin tasks and overflow-editing.

Together we are a formidable team, who will ensure you feel comfortable and confident throughout your time with us.

Our business has always been one of building relationships. We’ve been doing this for a while now, and have built up our loyal client-base through mainly word-of-mouth referrals and repeat clients. That should speak volumes about the service we provide.We never forget that it is an honour and privilege to be allowed into our clients’ inner circle and being privy to their most precious and unforgettable moments.

I also dedicate my work to our little girl Tabitha Rose, who is not here with us today. She was born micro preemie on the 17th of September 2010 at just 26 weeks and weighing only 600 grammes. After only a month, she passed on but forever opened my heart to the beauty and fragility of life, and an intense longing to render it and make a single defining moment last for as long as possible.

There is nothing more rewarding for me than capturing images that people vow to cherish forever. In this fast-paced, electronic-age, where instant gratification and consumerism is at an all-time high, photos are things that are still irreplaceable. They document a certain time, occasion and memory that simply can not be repeated. They remind us of happier times, of loved ones, of missed ones and a time gone by.

There is never an excuse NOT to document the precious moments in your life. Don’t wait for a special occasion. Make all occasions in your life special. If not for yourself, for your children and their children. Leave a lasting legacy of your journey. Let us tell your story. Let us give you a gift that will transcend time and continue to give over the years.